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Some background information and true history of the United States, Inc. This trickles down to every state, county, city, and town. They’re all for-profit corporations, operating in bankruptcy. The Federal Reserve Note is not money with value, it’s an instrument of debt, an IOU. So how can a government have money? They can’t. None of us has money. It’s all debt.




This post, which is now over 6 years old, signifies my first flirtation with the STRAWMAN concept of personhood. I invite you instead to read a free copy (.pdf) of my new book, released June 17th, 2016, by going to this link –>

I leave this post up for posterity, a glimpse into my own former ignorance, and wish readers to know that my knowledge has increased two-fold since this was written, and I do not, I repeat, do not in any way support the SPC or other commercial routes. Please read my book, for what is missing in this post.

Its title is: “STRAWMAN: The Real Story Of Your Artificial Person.”

When printed, the cover will look something like this:


Be sure and check out Part 2 of “Killing Your STRAWMAN 2: A Free Man’s Chronicle”


I would also highly recommend these two…

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